Dear Soon-to-be-weds,

The music you select on your special night is of importance of both yourself and your DJ. Of equal importance is the music you wish not to hear, together these selections can develop the atmosphere of your wedding as much as the venue, the decorations and of course the guests. Below we have a music selection sheet questionnaire for the Bride and Groom to fill out. The questionnaire will enable you to communicate to the DJ which consists of the wedding reception broken up into many different sections to assist you in planning your music for your wedding reception.

A brief description of these sections is as follows, the entrance music can be one song for the entire bridal party, including bride and groom, or two separate songs. We can also play the same song from different sections, for example U2’s beautiful day, from the beginning softly for the entire bridal party, with it “cranked” at the chorus for the bride and grooms entrance. Please specify how you would like to make an entrance. For the cutting of the cake music, please select a song bearing in mind that it will be played softly, whilst you cut the cake and sip your champagne. The bridal waltz is probably the most obvious song that you most probably have already selected together, however please be specific in the song selection particularly with newer song and as many versions exist, as well as radio edits and other mixes. Other songs, for example “The Way You Look Tonight” have been recorded by multiple artists. We also recommend that you select two or perhaps more songs for after the bridal waltz. Please also specify when you wish for the MC or DJ to invite others to the dance floor, usually in the order of bridal party, parents and then all guests.

Background music played during the course of canapés, entree, main meal and desert is important in setting the mood early on in the event. Keep in mind that it will be played at a lower level for your guests to interact and mingle. When selecting music for dancing, please describe the type or style of music you wish to hear along with any specific songs and leave the rest to our professional DJ team. Choosing songs for the bouquet and garter events, please have in mind it is considered as a fun part of the night. Songs chosen during the circle, where the bride and groom farewell their guest, will be played softly. We recommend 4 or 5 songs depending on the number of guest. When the bride and groom are ready to make their farewell exit, only 1 song is required, keep in mind you can make a loud or a soft subtle exit. If the traditions are not to be celebrated at your wedding, please specify this on the form. Please also keep in mind we only require a maximum of 30 songs for your event.

Once the form is completed, please return to MAESTRO ENTERTAINMENT. Rest assured that the right music will be played at the right time on your special day. If we have any issues with song availability, we may require you to supply them. MAESTRO ENTERTAINMENT will be in contact with you if this is the case, and all CD’s returned to you on the night. For this reason, we request that you return the music selection sheet 4 weeks prior to your wedding date. If you are experiencing difficulty or need some further suggestions or advice with filling out the music selection sheet questionnaire, please take a look at our suggestions section that we put together which consists of most commonly used songs in the past from bride’s and grooms and songs we recommend for each section. As well as a full detailed explaination for every segment of the questionnaire. Please do not hesitate to contact James or Theo for any futher queries/requests. Once your decisions are made, and your selection sheet is complete, please forward to one of the addresses below.

Thank you,
Maestro Entertainment